Housing: Keeping New Yorkers at Home


Prevent Evictions & Further Protect Rent Stabilized Tenants

An estimated 1.6 million households live in homes that are vulnerable to displacement. These households have no protections against high rent increases or any right to a lease renewal once their original lease has expired. I will fight to ensure that renters receive protections against arbitrary evictions or sudden rent hikes. In addition, I will fight to ensure that the government is mandated to inform rent stabilized tenants (tenants with rights to a renewal lease) that they do not have to accept any buyout offers from landlords. Rent-stabilized tenants also deserve the right to sign leases that are longer, beyond one or two years.

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  • Good Cause Evictions (S2892A/A5030): In order to ensure that most renters have the right to stay in their home and to fight any eviction that has no good cause, I will fight to pass this legislation. This was my number one priority when working as Chief of Staff for NYS Senator Julia Salazar, and I will continue to fight for it as an Assembly Member.
  • Regulate Buyouts (S6680/A8646): Tenants who live in rent-stabilized or rent-controlled buildings should understand their rights as it pertains to buy-out offers from landlords, I will fight for this legislation, which requires buyout offers to inform tenants of their rights and fines landlords that continue to harass tenants with a buy-out offer even after a tenant has refused.
  • Increase Lease Options for Rent-stabilized and rent controlled tenants (S2891/A6567): Currently, rent stabilized and rent-controlled tenants only have the right to renew their leases for one or two years. I will fight for legislation that will ensure tenants have the right to sign three year or four year leases.

Protect Black and Brown Small Homeowners & Build Collective Ownership

In the communities of Cypress Hills/East New York, Bushwick, and Bed-Stuy, Black and Brown small homeowners are being harassed daily by real estate investors and solicitors. These investors constantly pressure homeowners to sell their property. Many times they are successful, and small homes subsequently go on to be purchased by investors, only to be immediately resold for substantial profits. This practice is commonly referred to as “flipping.” I will fight to put an end to flipping and to the harassment of our small homeowners. More importantly, I will fight to ensure that our small homes collectively remain within the hands of Black and Brown owners.

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  • Flip Tax Bill (S3060E): Each year in neighborhoods across New York City, small homes (consisting of 1-5 units) are being purchased by investors only to be immediately resold for substantial profits. This practice is commonly referred to as “flipping.” In the previous five years, a total of 10,688 small homes have been flipped in NYC. I will push for the passage of a flip tax bill in order to disincentivize the behavior of flipping properties.
  • Cease & Desist Zone Bill (S1253/A6775): I will fight for legislation that would prevent real estate solicitation & harassment. By establishing Cease & Desist Zones, areas where real estate solicitation is prohibited, in communities like Cypress Hills/East New York, we can do just that. I’ve worked alongside Senator Salazar to gather over 200 surveys from Cypress Hills residents in order to demonstrate to the State government that harassment is prevalent in our community and that this is a problem we must fix now.
  • Right of First Refusal: If a building is being sold, the tenants who live there and the community around that building should have a fair opportunity to purchase the property. No bill currently exists in New York to guarantee this right. However, laws in other cities, such as Washington, DC, grant tenants the right of first refusal, or the legally guaranteed opportunity to match any offer the building owner is considering. I will work tirelessly to introduce such a bill.

End Homelessness in New York

Today, as our city and state grow less and less affordable, over 92,000 people are homeless across New York State. I will fight to end homelessness in New York by advocating for the creation of 600,000 new social housing units as well as supporting a statewide rent supplement program for low income families and individuals who are facing eviction, homelessness, or loss of housing due to domestic violence or hazardous conditions.

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  • Home Stability Support Act (S2375/A1620): I will fight to create a new statewide rent supplement for families and individuals who are eligible for public assistance benefits and are also facing eviction, homelessness, or loss of housing due to domestic violence or hazardous living conditions.
  • Create 600,000 Social Housing Units: Through the budget (voted on by April 1st), I will fight for the creation of deeply and permanently affordable housing in order to tackle our homelessness crisis. Currently, no bill exists to make this a reality. I plan to draft and introduce a bill to do this.

Fight to Fully Fund Public Housing

Our public housing in New York City is facing a $32 billion capital deficit. For over 400,000 public housing residents, this means that they often live in poor housing conditions with mold, lead, and a lack of heat and hot water. I will endlessly demand that our Legislature fully fund the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). I will call for accountability, including structural changes, on the management of our public housing. I will also oppose any plan to privatize the management of NYCHA and organize trainings or workshops to encourage and show residents how to improve their units.

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  • Multi-Millionaire’s Tax Bill to Fund NYCHA (S4511A/A8532): Currently, the highest income tax bracket in NY State is $1 million. This despite there being 6,570 New Yorks that are ultra high net worth individuals with an income of over $30 million. I will fight to bring a total annual of $2 billion to NYCHA by increasing income taxes for people that are multi-millionaires.
  • Reform Condo/Coop Tax Abatement (S5267): Every year, NYC gives away about $600 million through the Cooperative and Condominium Property Tax Abatement. While many homeowners receive a modest tax break, luxury property owners routinely get disproportionately large tax breaks, ranging all the way up to $44,000. I will fight to end this abatement for luxury property owners in order to fund our public housing stock.